Ladybead Wicker Basket no. 5

85.00 EUR

About me:

Ladybead Wicker Basket no. 5 is a precisely handmade basket made of Polish wicker. I recommend myself as a mini bag complementing each stylization: from holiday boho to evening out.

One detachable keyring with a tassel (which is also a zipper) in the selected color and a metal tag with the RR logo is attached to the basket. In the BASKET tab you can order additional pompons adapted to the key ring next to the bag.

I think we will like each other:

I am a high quality, unique product, it will take me up to 15 business days to be made.

The wicker from which the basket is made may have natural delamination and delicate cracks, which add a natural charm to the basket. Over time the basket will fade a little, the color of the material will take on a timeless look. Please clean your baskets with a dry or slightly moistened cloth.


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