Miss Rogozhin O'Leather

135.00 EUR

About me:

Don't let my name fool you - I'm as roomy as Lady Rogozhin, we differ in dimensions and shape, but we love above all. Therefore, it's best to have us both :) Textile Soul size L is my perfect match. Put me comfortably on your shoulder and travel, walk, sunbathe, I will be a faithful companion to you! You can unfasten the decorative tassel when you want to change me a bit.

I was made of high-quality rogozhin, manually woven in Poland,
that's why I am in a small and limited amount. Hurry up if you want
to order me! My implementation will take about 14-21 business days.

My size:

total height 51 cm (handle approx. 23 cm + 28 cm basket)
bottom width 25 cm, upper width 46 cm

I think we will like each other:

Rogozhin is a unique material that is obtained less and less in Poland.
Discoloration and light cracks are my natural features that will increase over time.
Please, clean me gently with moistened cloth.
Do not carry too heavy objects inside me, take care and love.


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