Miss Rogozhin

105.00 EUR

About myself:

I'm the youngest in our rogozhin family. I'm light but pretty capacious! 
I've got a comfy long arm handle and you can order me with Inside Textile Soul
to easy hide some stuff. Take me to the beach, work or for a walk.

I'm in good shape;)

my measurments are about: 50 cm hight (with handles), my handles are around 25 cm highI am 49/25 cm wide.

I'm sure we gonna love each other:

I’m unique and high quality, made on order. We make your order from 7 to 21

I’m unique, notice each of us may be a bit different.
Please, do not hit the basket, try to use it remembering
I’m made of delicate material. Clean me with dry cloth. Love!


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