Handy Mandy

115.00 EUR

About me:

Although me and Celine der Tassel know each other very well, I am very different from her. We were both made in Poland and by hand, but I am forever unchanging and constant in feelings. I have a clever and comfortable handle made of leather, and textile, cotton inside - unlike a friend, my interior is bright as rising Sun. You can choose the color of the accesories - brown-red as roasted caramel or black as tasty licorice.

My size:

18cm high x 18cm in diameter

I think we will like each other:

The wicker from which the basket is made may have natural
delamination and delicate cracks that add a natural charm to the basket.
My implementation will take about 14-21 business days.
Respect me, do not expose leather elements to water, do not perfume fittings, love.


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