Let Her Hair Leather Sac Bag

135.00 EUR

About me:

If I had to describe myself with one word, it would be "irreplaceable"
I'm completely new here, although you will surely see i similarities to my wicker O'Leather sisters.
I move with incredible lightness, and yet I am very capacious.
Inside you'll find my hairy mohair soul in which you can hide small things;

P.S. There aren't many of us, so hurry up with your decision.

My approximate dimensions:

strip approx. 105 cm long, the bag is 20 x 20 cm

I think we will like each other:

Made by hand in Poland, I am unique in my own way.
The interior is knitted, and the leather parts are sewn by hand
made of high-quality grain leather. Metal elements may
change color over time. Do not perfume metal parts,
do not expose the handbag to moisture or to the sun.
Over time, the leather may scratch and dull,
which is a natural aging process.
The knitted interior should be frozen or hand washed in warm water (rarely).


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