Inside Textile Soul

15.00 EUR

About me:

I’m inside textile bag – suitable for RR baskets, net bags or for your knitwear.

My size:

S – great for Ladybag no. 1 / S (baby size), Baby Rogozhin

M – i’m perfect for Ladybag no.1 / M , no.6 / M, Net Bag, Wicker Boy, New Rogozhin Girl, New Rogozhin Sister, Coco Chic,

L – order me if you have Ladybag no.1 / L, no.6 / L, Lady Rogozhin, Miss Rogozhin

My colour (photos shows only the colour/material not size):

Cream White – linen cream bag

Hope we gonna like each other:

I’m made in Poland. Easy to use. You can wash me and iron. Love me.

You order inside bag here. Net Bag is a separate product.


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