Ladybead Black Wicker Basket no. 2

80.00 EUR

About me:

I am a precisely woven wicker basket with a cylindrical shape. I have a beautiful handle made of black woolen balls. I look perfect in a set with a size M bag.

I was made by hand in Poland. I recommend myself as a perfect addition to everyday stylization, a small basket for the beach or a timeless addition to an evening outfit.

I'm decorated with a metal tag with the RR logo.

My size:

diameter approx. 20 cm, height approx. 20 cm

I think we will like each other:

I am a high quality, unique product, it takes 7-21 business days for me to be made.

The wicker from which the basket is made may have natural delamination and delicate cracks, which add a natural charm to the basket.

Mechanical impacts can make brittle wicker break, so please avoid throwing your basket:)

With time the wicker will slightly fade, the color of the material will gain a timeless look. Please clean your baskets with a dry or slightly moistened cloth.

The natural shade of wicker may differ from the pictures.


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