Ladybead Wicker Basket no. 1

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About me:

Ladybead Wicker Basket no. 1 is a precisely handmade basket made of Polish wicker.

I recommend it as a perfect addition to your wardrobe. I have fantastic proportions and a handle made of wooden balls that fit into your hand.

I was made in Poland.

The basket is decorated with a metal tag with the Roboty Ręczne logo.

I think we will like each other:

I am a high quality, unique product, it takes 7-21 business days for me to be made.

The wicker from which the basket is made may have natural delamination and delicate cracks, which add a natural charm to the basket.

Over time the basket will fade a little, the color of the material will take on a timeless look. Please clean your baskets with a dry or slightly moistened cloth.

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