PRE-ORDER Chunky Chain Bracelet

45.00 EUR

Hi my name is Chunky and I'm just great. Marta, who designed me, says that I am her favorite. I have something masculine and it makes me stand out from my bracelet sisters.

I will probably repeat myself, because we all think alike, but seriously imagine a tracksuit, cloudy  Woolen Slippers and me on your wrist.

And now, I see how we go to a party together and shine in your favorite evening dress. How about sunbathing together?

I will gladly go with you to work and school! Or maybe you will buy me as a perfect gift?

I was handmade with love in a studio in Warsaw.

I am made of a beautiful massive chain and a snap hook in beautiful golden color.

Forgive me if the shade of the medal with the logo is slightly different than the clasp,

but I'm unique and I hope you will love me like that.

Choose the size that fits your wrist circumference.

S - 15-17 cm

M - 17.5-19 cm

L - 19.5-21 cm

If you have a larger or smaller circumference - add it in the message to the order.

Please, be careful with me: we don't bathe together, I don't like perfume or soap.

The golden color will lose its shine over time, but to keep the metal parts shiny as long as possible, take me off while performing activities mentioned above.

PRE-SALE IS FROM 26.05 TO 31.05. ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED ON THE 1st AND 2nd WEEK F JUNE. We do not accept returns.

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