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Our clogs are made in Poland, we make your order up to 28 working days after the end of the pre-sale (PRE-ORDER). 
The leather may have a different tone than that shown on the photos. 
Each pair is unique and made on order. For the first orders we add Crazy Socks as a gift. 

Please remember, navy blue are only available in pre-sale.

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each of us is unique - each pair is hand made of wood and real leather.
Beige and navy blue clogs are made from velor leather and black ones are made of grain lether. 
Over time, it changes its tone, 'acquires' discoloration, which gives shoe's upper an even more unique character. 
By choosing a color you decide on the color of the leather upper. Beige is a natural color of wood.

We gonna like each other:

Please, take care not to use us near water. Remember that discoloration or shadows is a normal
and desirable thing, which over time will accompany wearing your clogs. 

Pre-sale is from 6.04 to 12.04.


3623,4 cm
3724 cm
3824,6 cm
25,3 cm
26 cm
26,8 cm

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