Collection: Clogs

In the Clogs category (in English clogs) you will find clogs handmade in Poland. Each pair is unique, handmade of wood and natural leather. Nothing but fall in love and don't take it off. If you are looking for more home-like footwear, check out the Slippers/Flip Flops category, you will certainly fall in love with our famous Woolen Slippers. Handmade Works are worn by customers all over the world. Since the beginning of its existence, Handmade Works have been available in boutiques in Japan, the United States, Germany and Spain.

What are clogs?

Clogs are a type of footwear characterized by a wooden sole and an upper made of leather or fabric. They can be classified as flip-flops or sandals and are worn especially in the summer. They are characterized by a built-up front and a slightly raised sole.

How are they created?

Our clogs are made of high-quality wood, carefully selected and hand-processed by experienced craftsmen. The black uppers are made of full-grain leather, additionally laminated, which gives them a delicate shine. The beige uppers are made of squeaky-colored suede leather. The wood of the sole is a smoky shade of beech, and under the foot you will find a heel counter made of the same material as the upper. They are not only durable, but also ecological, which makes them an excellent choice for people who value natural materials.

Why are clogs such a popular footwear?

Clogs are gaining popularity due to their unique aesthetics and comfort of wearing. The combination of a wooden sole and a leather upper makes them an ideal solution for warm days and a stylish addition to casual and elegant styles. Available in various colors and patterns, clogs are perfect for both summer walks and evening outings.

What occasions can you wear clogs for?

Clogs are not only everyday footwear, but also a perfect choice for summer parties, beach walks or weekend trips out of the city. Depending on the model, they can be worn with both a skirt and shorts, creating original and comfortable combinations. They are also perfect as an alternative to sandals or espadrilles, giving the styling a characteristic and unique look. We recommend wearing them with horn and wicker baskets.

What style should you wear with clogs?

Styling with clogs can be very diverse. They match both loose summer dresses and jeans or shorts. You can wear them on the beach, during summer festivals or city walks.