Collection: Leather Bags

In the Leather Bags category you will find leather bags made entirely of natural leather with replaceable and adjustable handles.

How are leather bags with the Handmade label made?

Roboty Ręczne is a brand with family roots, leather bags are made of the highest quality natural leather in a local leather workshop. Thanks to manual production, each bag becomes unique.

What materials do we use?

All leather bags are made of high-quality natural leather that has been hand-selected. With proper care, our leather bags will serve you for years.

What occasions should you wear leather handbags?

Leather bags with the Roboty Ręczne label are multifunctional bags that can be worn for many occasions. Take them with you every day, to work, shopping, or for an evening out. All leather bags have detachable, replaceable handles, so you can personalize your bag individually.