Collection: Footwear

What's interesting in the FOOTWEAR tab?

You will find our original footwear designs for home and outdoor use in this category. View and order wooden clogs, wool slippers, clogs with beech soles and leather and suede uppers. You will also find handmade socks by Roboty Ręczne.

Our fur slippers are a bestseller. 

This project has been winning your hearts for several years, and we showed it for the first time. Woollen Slippers are available with uppers covering the toes and as no.1 with uppers covering them. In addition, you can buy pairs with brown and cream patches. Customers around the world wear our fluffy slippers. You can buy them not only in Poland but also in stores in the USA. All Woolen Slippers are made of natural, undyed sheep fur. Our fur slippers may have uncut bristles, which is why each pair is different, giving them a unique character. To see styling suggestions with slippers, please visit our blog.

In clogs all year round? Why not. 

Look for our suggestions for street fashion with home footwear. Our leather clogs have a comfortably contoured insole with a leather heel counter. They fit great with clogs, especially when it gets colder outside. All our socks are hand-made from yarns like alpaca, merino wool, cotton, and other tales and from adventures ordered at the customer's request. Nothing is wasted with us, so there are also unique socks made of leftover yarn from sweaters from previous collections. Roboty Ręczne products are made in Poland.