.Collection: Handbags

Why are our handbags and woven baskets unique?

The bags you will find in this category are handmade in Poland. Our mission is to return to the roots of handcraft and make you fall in love with traditional Polish products again, which is why the bases for our bags are wicker baskets, rogozhin baskets, and woven nets made of linen. Our cotton bags are also organisers for baskets. We sew only in Poland with respect for the environment. We attach importance to the natural composition of our products. 

Wicker, rogozhin and leather.

Among the bags from the Premium collection, we offer hand-woven baskets with leather accessories and handbags made of leather with wicker accessories or bags made entirely of leather. The brown Italian leather from which we sew our bags is vegetable-tanned, which makes it age beautifully, and its damage is not afraid. Each piece becomes unique thanks to the unique yoke and skin tone, which changes nobly over time. In addition to brown, we offer black and light grey handbags, which we combine with gold-coloured fittings.

How to take care of wicker baskets, reed bags and leather handbags? 

We recommend articles on our blog to get acquainted with leather, rogozhin and wicker care rules. On the blog, you can read, among others, about the most important rules for using leather baskets and bags.

Thanks to the hand-weaving of our baskets, they gain a unique, unrepeatable character, and each piece is unique. Roboty Ręczne is a brand with family roots, run with love and respect for Polish craftsmanship. That is why the baskets you buy from us are woven only by hand and only from Polish materials by local craftsmen. Our baskets, nets and other bags are perfect as shopping baskets, baskets for a walk, beach bags, giant reed and wicker baskets and nets, go shopping, but also as an addition to your evening outfit. Put them together as you like, and break stereotypes.

Who do we create our woven handbags for? Where to wear and how to use baskets? 

Our designs are unisex. We encourage you to wear Roboty Ręczne Handbags all year round.

Of course, the baskets you can order on our website will also fit your interior. Woven baskets are a fantastic place to store toys. They like to be a cover for flowers or a place to store magazines. You will surely appreciate the multi-functionality of our hand-woven baskets. If you want to personalise a project on a larger scale, e.g. as a creative or advertising mailing - write to us, we will help. We have many cooperations with advertising and event agencies.