Collection: Wicker bags

The wicker bags you will find in this category are handmade in Poland. All bags are hand-woven from Polish wicker. Thanks to the hand-weaving of our bags, they gain a unique character and each piece is unique. Discolorations and slight cracks are my natural features, which will increase over time. The bags you buy from us are woven exclusively from Polish materials by local craftsmen.

How are wicker bags made?

Wicker bags are unique works of craftsmanship, the production of which is a harmony of tradition and modernity. First, willow twigs are collected and left to dry completely for so-called "winter storage". Then the twigs are soaked or subjected to a thermal protector, thanks to which they become plastic and ready for weaving. The bag baskets are hand-woven on a specially prepared form and then left to dry completely. The process of making one product is long and requires the work of an experienced craftsman.

What kind of wicker are our bags made of?

Wicker, i.e. young shoots of several willow species, which after processing are used to produce wicker baskets and bags. Wicker is an extremely durable and functional raw material - it is to these features that it owes its popularity. Wicker products are durable and resistant to external factors, they will serve you for many, many years.

For what occasion should you choose wicker bags?

Our wicker bags are perfect as shopping baskets, walking baskets, beach bags, feel free to take large wicker baskets for shopping, but also as an addition to your evening outfit. We encourage you to wear Roboty Ręczne brand baskets all year round.

What are wicker bags good for?

The universality of wicker bags is also reflected in their use. They match both everyday styles, jeans and summer dresses, as well as more elegant outfits. You can wear our wicker bags with leather accessories as full handbags.

Wicker bags are great not only as a styling accessory, but also as an interior decoration. In wicker bags you can easily store, among others: : blankets, children's toys, newspapers.