.Collection: Knitwear

In the Knitwear category, you will find handmade sweaters, woollen dresses, knitted skirts, knitted trousers, and hand-knitted shorts, as well as unique beanies, unique headbands, wool socks, knitted scarves, neck warmers, knitted collars and products from the Roboty Ręczne brand. 

Roboty Ręczne is a family brand. We have been creating unique products by hand-knitting them for over a decade. We work only with experienced local knitters whose knowledge translates into the high quality of our handicrafts. We knit from yarns like alpaca, cashmere, merino wool, camel wool, blends with silk, synthetic and natural blends, cotton, viscose, and bamboo, as well as from yarns ordered at the customer's request. We personalise our sweaters in composition, dimensions and design to our customers' expectations. All knitted fabrics are handmade in Poland. Our original projects are based on many years of experience and are made with the highest precision. It takes up to 3 weeks to make a sweater, beanies up to 14 days, and scarves - depending on size - from 7 to 14 days. Roboty Ręczne is worn by clients all over the world. Since the beginning of its existence, Roboty Ręczne has been available in boutiques in Japan, the United States, Germany and Spain. If you are interested in ordering knitted fabrics made to measure or according to an individual project - please get in touch with us by e-mail or phone. We will invite you to the studio or consult your order remotely.