Fall Winter 23/24

It is a nostalgic story about longing for places and memories immortalised in a unique location near my family home. I invite you on this sentimental journey frozen in time.

Photographer: Jan Kochański
Model: Anastasia Lea / The Management
Makeup and hair: Magda Chmielewska

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Love Is All We Knit

We invite you to our world of hand-made products, a space full of home warmth and original designs created out of love for craftsmanship and respect for tradition. Since 2009, we have been making a collection of projects available on request. We have been designing to measure for several seasons. We use high-quality materials and work with experienced local craftsmen. The design process is as important to us as its execution, so our products are unique and exceptionally warm - straight from the heart.

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We create in Poland, and experienced craftsmen make all our products. We respect the work of hands, which produces unique items. We support local craftsmanship, restoring its importance in Polish and world fashion. We create locally, but we operate globally. Roboty Ręczne is more than a brand - it is a manifesto of commitment to culture, passion and tradition.

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