.Collection: Hats

The Hats category includes hats with the Handmade label, suitable for both summer and winter. Light, summer hats made of raffi look beautiful with holiday styling. Precisely crocheted hats are definitely a summer hit. Winter woolen hats made of wool will protect your head against frost and wind.

What are hats made of?

Summer hats made of natural materials, such as hornwort and raffia, not only look beautiful on the head, but also effectively protect against intense sun, while adding style and comfort on hot days. Their light structure makes them an ideal addition to your summer wardrobe, combining functionality with aesthetics.

How to wear hats with the Handmade label?

Summer straw hats are a great addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them on the beach to protect yourself from the sun, while walking in the park or exploring the city. They are also a stylish element to wear at summer parties, festivals or picnics, adding lightness and elegance. When choosing a hat, it is worth paying attention to its shape and material to perfectly match the occasion and your own style.

Handmade Works are worn by customers all over the world. Since the beginning of its existence, Handmade Works have been available in boutiques in Japan, the United States, Germany and Spain.