.Collection: Wicker baskets

The wicker baskets that you will find in this category are handmade in Poland. Our mission is to return to the roots of handcraft and make you fall in love with traditional Polish products again. All baskets are woven by hand from wicker. Thanks to the hand-weaving of our baskets, they gain a unique, unrepeatable character, and each piece is unique. Discoloration and slight cracks are my natural features, which will increase over time. Roboty Ręczne is a brand with family roots, run with love and respect for Polish craftsmanship, which is why the baskets you buy from us are woven only from Polish materials by local craftsmen. Our wicker baskets are perfect as shopping baskets, baskets for a walk, beach bags, large wicker baskets and nets to go shopping, and an addition to an evening outfit. Put them together as you like, and break stereotypes. The designs are unisex. We encourage you to wear Roboty Ręczne handbags all year round. Wicker baskets will work great not only as an addition to the styling but also as an addition to the interior. You can easily store wicker baskets, e.g., blankets, children's toys, newspapers.