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Why are rogozhin and wicker baskets so popular?

Wicker, rogozhin and raffia baskets owe their popularity mainly to their timelessness and uniqueness. Hand-woven baskets made of natural materials are a stylish replacement for handbags. Many baskets with Roboty Ręczne have leather accessories in cognac brown and deep black, which adds nobility to them and distinguishes them from other baskets. Baskets gained popularity in the last century and have been in fashion every season since then.

How to care for wicker, rogozhin and raffia baskets?

Caring for baskets made of wicker, rogozhin and raffia is not difficult. The most important thing is to avoid carrying very heavy items in them, because they are made of delicate materials. Handle your basket gently, do not throw it or expose it to rain. Take care of him. Also remember that horn and wicker baskets will change their color slightly over time and under the influence of sunlight and will become a shade or two darker. On our blog you will read how to take care of your basket so that it will serve you in perfect condition for many years.