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In this tab you will find the latest products from the Roboty Ręczne brand. For over a decade of the brand's existence, our philosophy has been to create timeless collections that do not end with the passing season, but only expand. According to this principle, we create NEW products or their variants (new colors, different sizes, etc.) every season (sometimes more often). So if you are looking for fashion beyond seasons, handbags that will stay with you for a long time, sweaters that will last for years and not for seasons, you are in the right place.

Our new products cover many categories - we offer knitwear ( hats , scarves , sweaters , dresses and other hand-knitted clothing items), footwear ( slippers , clogs ) and accessories (jewelry, socks, gloves, organizer bags, belts and handles). for handbags), as well as handbags ( baskets , leather handbags , sacks, rogożyna baskets , wicker handbags ), which recently had their premiere.

Some of the products in the NEW tab are available and READY for shipping within 2-3 business days, for others you will have to wait a little longer.

If you are looking for a hand-knitted sweater, the latest models of bags and baskets and accessories, you will find them here. This is a perfect gift idea for a loved one.

This category includes, among others: hand-sewn leather handbags, baskets with leather accessories, handmade wicker baskets - handbags, horn baskets, hand-woven baskets, horn handbags, leather straps and handles for handbags, linen string nets, handmade sweaters, leather clogs, clogs and and other products of the Roboty Ręczne brand. All our products are made in Poland. The products we make are made of high-quality yarns.