Let me start our adventure by running a blog/magazine with a story about our new campaign.

It is the summer of an indefinite year, a hot day by the water.
The titular Grass Widow leaves her city life for a carefree, lonely vacation away from the city. Not obligated to anything, she spends the whole day in the bosom of nature. The hot air prompts her to go into the river. Hours pass in pleasant refreshment. She is happy, free from worries, confident, thoughtful and filled with positive energy. 

Our summer campaign is a story that could and should happen to each of us. We do not talk about age or time. We do not specify the time of day or hour. We abandon thinking about passing, throw away the watch and focus on the present.

The theme of this campaign arose from my own need to experience such a rest. We rarely think about ourselves - in a positive sense - to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time alone, offline, in silence. I wish the RR woman were aware. Aware of her value, as well as the one that brings a break from everyday life, she could treat herself to it as a gift.

In addition to such a wonderfully spent time, we have prepared some new products in timeless news. Oversize mohair sweaters we wear this season on the naked body. We have designed new models of iconic wicker baskets - Ladybag Wicker Baskets - with handles made of turned wooden balls, which will change shade over time like wicker or can be oiled by you. We leave that choice to you. You can buy wicker bags from this season with a black leather strap. In addition, the long-awaited leather slippers and black Wood O'clogs are available for pre-order. New models of hats and visors are handmade from palm leaves, dried grass and, traditionally, from straw.


The well-known novelties also include a series of Premium accessories: soul bags - organisers for baskets and nets, headbands and a hair elastic with Toile de Jouy prints.

I cordially invite you to the page and to read about our summer campaign on

All photos can also be found on our website in the tab CAMPAIGNS.


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