Tajemnice tworzenia, czyli jak powstają nasze koszyki i torebki wiklinowe.

Secrets of creation, or how our wicker baskets and bags are made.

In today's world, where technology dominates, there have been crafts for centuries that still draw on tradition and the skill of human hands. One of such unusual crafts is basketry, i.e. making wicker baskets and bags. Beautiful in their simplicity of creation and functional in form, they remind us of the idyllic charm of simple and natural things. For centuries, craftsmen around the world have used ancient techniques to create these unique works of applied art. Let us immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of making wicker baskets and bags, where each product is an expression of talent, patience and love for the craft.

I Choosing the right wicker

The first step in creating wicker baskets and bags is choosing the appropriate raw material. Craftsmen look for wicker of the appropriate thickness and flexibility that will allow for easy shaping and finishing of the final product. On our website you will find a variety of wicker products, such as the Ladybag Wicker Basket no.6, inspired by the famous accessory worn by Jane Birkin, or the classic Ladybag Wickerbasket no.1 , which meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.
Each of our wicker baskets is handmade in Poland. Everyone is unique. Many of them form the basis of our handbags, complemented by leather accessories.

II Preparation and formation of the basket

The next step in basket production is to prepare the wicker for shaping. The raw shoots are soaked in water to make them more flexible and easier to handle. Artisans then hand-form the wicker, using traditional tools and techniques, to create the structure of a basket or bag. Each bent shoot is carefully placed next to each other, creating a solid base for further work.

III Weaving and patterns

The braid is the heart of every wicker basket. Craftsmen use a variety of weaving techniques, such as spiral weaving, lattice weaving, and loom weaving, to create unique patterns and textures. Baskets and handbags available at RobotyReczne.com are hand-woven by experienced craftsmen who create beautiful patterns, such as the barrel-shaped base of the Bella handbag or the openwork wicker Francesca basket.

IV Finishing and details

The final stage is finishing and adding details to the wicker basket or bag. Now you can add handles, decorative knots, or even fabric or leather decorations to emphasize the uniqueness and beauty of each product. At RobotyReczne.com you will find a wide selection of wicker baskets and bags that are carefully finished and decorated, giving them character and expressiveness.

To sum up, making wicker baskets and bags is not just a craft, but a real work of art that requires talent, patience and precision. Each product is unique, carrying history and tradition passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, when you reach for a basket or a wicker bag from RobotyReczne.com, remember about the mysterious creation processes that make these items so unique and valuable.

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