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Dust Bag

Dust Bag

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About me

I'm just a dust bag, my job is to protect your favorite handbags, baskets, sweaters, hats, scarves, leather handbags, woven baskets, flip-flops, clogs and other RR products. You'll lock me up by taking off the two ribbons. Each dust bag is made in the zero waste spirit - from fabric ends, each is unique. We choose the color and fabric randomly.

My dimensions

What can I fit?

S - hat, scarf, headband, Woolen Slippers, socks, Mini Maria
M - leather handbag (e.g. Maria, Grande Maria), small wicker bag (e.g. Ladybag no.1 S) or a horn basket (e.g. New Babybag), sweater (e.g. Jurand), woolen scarf, Woolen Slides fur slippers, clogs
L - thick sweater (e.g. Super Sweater or Big Boy), XL scarf (e.g. Patchwork Scarf), large basket (e.g. Miss Baguette), large leather handbag (e.g. Marianna or Miss Baguette)

I think we'll like each other

Please take care of me. Wash rarely, do not wring, never spin, dry flat. Respect and love.

I am ready to ship

Product available immediately. I will be shipped within 2-4 days after payment for the order.

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