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Chunky Chain Bracelet

Chunky Chain Bracelet

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About me

Hi, my name is Chunky, and I'm fantastic. Marta, who invented me, says that I am her favourite. I have something masculine in me, and that is what sets me apart and sets me apart from my bracelet sisters. I'll probably repeat myself because we all think the same, but imagine a tracksuit, Woolen Slipper cloud slippers and me on your wrist. And now, I see us going to a party together, and I shine in your company and my favourite evening outfit. How about going to the beach together? I will also be happy to go to work and school with you! Or you could buy me a perfect gift.

It was made by hand with love in a workshop in Warsaw. It is made of a beautiful, massive chain and a gold-coloured carabiner. Forgive me if the shade of the medallion with the logo is slightly different than the class. I hope you will love me as such.

My dimensions

Choose the size that suits your wrist circumference:
S- 15-17 cm
M - 17.5-19 cm
L - 19.5-21 cm
If you have a larger or smaller circumference - add it in a message to your order.

I think we'll like each other

Please be careful with me: let's not bathe together. I wouldn't say I like perfume or soap. The gold colour will undoubtedly lose its shine over time, but to keep the metal parts shiny as long as possible, remove them when performing the abovementioned activities. Love.

Delivery and returns

Shipping within 2-4 days of order payment.

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