D.I.Y. Drewniany brelok

DIY Wooden Keychain

The leaves on the trees are turning golden, and I can already smell the autumn evenings.
I must admit that I don't know a better way to relax now than a cup of aromatic tea with some creative work.

In today's premiere of the "do it yourself" series, we will serve a simple but effective addition recipe,
giving a new character to your favourite basket or net.


- Grosgrain tape or leftover ribbon/ribbon you can find around the house

- wooden beads of various sizes

- round carabiner

- scissors

There are no limits to the choice of colours and sizes of materials needed.
Let yourself be carried away by your creativity!

1. pull the ribbon through the carabiner, decide what length your keychain will be, and cut the ribbons
at the selected location.

2. Then thread the wooden beads onto both ribbons. From the smallest to the largest, from the largest to the smallest
or alternating. The order is up to you.

3. Tie the ribbon at the end to prevent the corals from escaping.


The number of variants you can construct is unlimited.
If you prefer more minimalist accessories, pull the ribbon through, sew it under the carabiner
and give up wooden beads.
This lighter variant makes a great pair with a mesh Linen Knotted Net bag.
A more expressive version with delicate corals perfectly matches the sisters Rogozhin Girl, New Rogozhin Girl and Rogozhin Lady.
The duo of beige and black undoubtedly found a common language with the new member of the Hand Robots family, Ladyblack Wicker Basket no. 3 .
Wooden keychains can also accompany you attached to your keys.

We encourage you to include needlework in your daily schedule.
You already have the ingredients if you have torn beads or leftovers of yarn or gift ribbons.
"Zero waste" starts in the mind. For this DIY task, try using pieces you find around your home.

Have fun!


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