koszyk wiklinowy no.6

How to wear: Ladybag Wicker Basket no.6

Autumn. My favourite season. The trees dress in phenomenal colours: beige, brown, and orange. The colours of nature are at their best. The arrival of autumn is also the time when I rearrange my wardrobe. Thick sweaters, mohair hats and woollen scarves occupy the place of honour. I like these seasonal attributes. Each season of the year reminds me of specific materials and textures.

However, the addition that accompanied me throughout the year has remained unchanged for a long time. Ladybag Wicker Basket no. 6. A wicker bucket attended Jane Birkin daily in the 1970s, and now I can't part with it either.

Regardless of the occasion, it works flawlessly for you. In support of my recommendation, I will leave three styling suggestions from Ladybag Wicker.

Basket no. 6 in the lead role. See how great it fits with any set!

Date night

In the photo: Ladybag Wicker Basket no. 6 Handwork | Veclaim Dress | SOTE earrings | Super Sweater Handcrafted shoes Aquazzura | hat no. 4 Black Handwork | bell necklace
picnic story

In the photo: Ladybag Wicker Basket no. 6 Handwork | Edited jeans | Big Knot Cardigan Handmade KOPI | Wood O'clog Black Handwork | Turban Headband 05 Handmade


Autumn evening walk

In the photo: Ladybag Wicker Basket no. 6 Handwork | cult pants | T urtleneck Mohair Sweater Robots Chloé Handcrafted Glasses | Turban Headband 05 Handmade | shoes Edited | Braided Fringed Scarf Handwork | Marella coat

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