TAKE CARE OF ME: czyli jak zaopiekować się torebką z metką Roboty Ręczne?

TAKE CARE OF ME: or how to take care of a bag with a Handcraft tag?

The passing summer season in Roboty Ręczne has resulted in several groundbreaking novelties, e.g. leather handbags, in our offer. Their joining the RR family was preceded by models of wicker and reed baskets enriched with leather accessories, such as tassels, leather tags, pouches made of grain leather, and cowhide belts. Natural materials have been with us for years - in the first models of clogs, we used high-quality leather. In clogs, we combine selected colour and grain leather with beech soles. Our home shoes, i.e., slippers or slippers in some parts of Poland, are made of soft natural sheepskin. Woollen Slippers are currently your most popular model of fur slippers. But back to the bags.

The beginning of autumn should encourage us to carry baskets or bags made of wicker or reed. These materials are not afraid of moisture, but we should be careful with their leather elements. We want to refer you to the article about wicker care.

Remember that these unique handbags made of natural braids will be fantastic in spring and summer stylisations and autumn or even winter looks. But we will write more about these in the next post. In the meantime, we encourage you to read some valuable tips on using and caring for leather in our wardrobes. We have tested these methods and passed them on, which we want you to do.

Remember that natural materials - leather, wicker or reeds- differ in structure and shade. However, minor skin imperfections are not a defect but a characteristic feature. Professionals appreciate the yoke - the 'drawing' of the leather - a unique element of natural leather. It looks lovely on vegetable-tanned leather. And our brown handbags are made of such leather. What is worth remembering when you decide to buy a bag made of leather or with leather elements? We write below.


1. Rule number one. Take care of me as you care for yourself; do not expose yourself to extreme temperatures. Don't take me for long walks in the rain, and if we get caught in a downpour, please don't dry me with a dryer or put me next to a radiator because strong heat sources can cause cracks to appear on my smooth surface. Instead, could you wipe me thoroughly with a piece of cotton cloth?
2. Remember, long sunbathing is not suitable for me, under the influence of sunlight my colour will change to darker.
3. Please be careful and try not to spill anything on me, but if you accidentally get me dirty, stains that are reluctant to come off may appear. If I am already stained, immediately wipe my leather parts with a damp cloth and thoroughly dry me. Time plays an important role here, so clean for later. If necessary, my wicker or reed body can also be wiped with a damp cloth, and you can optionally add a few drops of lemon juice to the water.
4. I know that made of rogozhin, especially in a large size, like Miss Rogozhin, Lady Rogozhin, New Rogozhin Girl or Rogozhin Sister, I look solid, and my spacious interior may confuse many. Still, please remember that I am hand-woven and delicate and not adapted to carrying heavy loads, under the pressure of which my arms will start to lengthen gradually. As a consequence of prolonged fatigue, I may even lose them.
5. Please don't throw me. The wicker or reed we are made of is prone to breakage, and the reed crumbles easily.
6. Please store me carefully, preferably in a box and dust bag, so I am not exposed to crushing or contact with other objects.

Take care of me, and I will repay you with friendship for many years.

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