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Wool Slippers no. 2

Wool Slippers no. 2

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Jesteśmy parą ciepłych skórzanych kapci wykonanych ręcznie z kożucha. W tym modelu Twoje palce będą zakryte. Zaufaj mi, Twoje stopy mnie pokochają. Występuję w rozmiarach między 36 a 41. Futro owcze jest niefarbowane. Kolor i kierunek oraz długość włosa może różnić się od tego na zdjęciu.

About us

We are a pair of warm leather slippers handmade from sheepskin. In this model, your fingers will be uncovered. Your feet will love me. It is available in sizes between 36 and 41. The sheep's fur is undyed, soft and warm. The fur's colour, direction and length may differ from the photo.

Choose your size

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size 36- 23.4 cm
size 37-24 cm
size 38-24.6 cm
size 39- 25.3 cm
size 40-26 cm
size 41- 26.8 cm

Take care of us

To groom me, brush me with a brush (it can be used to comb my fur). During use, my bristles will become naturally matted, my fur will turn slightly grey, the fur will wear out under my foot, and the upper may slightly stretch. The comfort of use will remain. I may have a natural sheep fur smell, which will fade over time. Respect and love me.

Delivery and returns

Unique, high-quality product. My production will take up to 14 to 21 days.

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